The Graduate Program in Anthropology publishes the Thesis Defense of the student Isadora Bastos de Moraes, entitled "Being a feminist even... in plaster": Julieta de França and female urban work in Pará (between centuries), which will take place on the 7th of December 2022 at 2 pm, in a virtual environment.

The Examining Board will be composed of the PhD Professors:

Cristina Donza Cancela – PPGHIST/UFPA – external examiner

Marina Ramos Neves de Castro – PPGCOM/UFPA - external examiner

Marcia Bezerra de Almeida - PPGA/UFPA - internal examiner

Júlia Otero dos Santos - PPGA/UFPA - internal examiner

Franciane Gama Lacerda – PPGHIST/UFPA – alternate external examiner

Beatriz de Almeida Matos - PPGA/UFPA - alternate internal examiner