The Graduate Program in Anthropology publishes the Dissertation Defense of the student Antônio da Conceição Pacheco Neto entitled Journey through a living and active cartography: an ethnography of conservation of the Ethnohistorical Map of Brazil and adjacent regions (1943), by Curt Nimuendaju, which will take place on May 25, 2023 at 2 pm in a virtual environment of the PPGA/IFCH.

The Examining Board will be composed of Professors:

Pablo Tibor Quintero Mansilla - UFRGS – external examiner

Marcela Nogueira de Andrade - PPGA/UFPA - internal examiner

Pablo Antunha Barbosa – UFSB - alternate external examiner

Fabiano de Souza Gontijo – PPGA/UFPA - substitute internal examiner

Katiane Silva – PPGA/UFPA – supervisor and president