Title: Cosplayers, Otakus and Lolitas: Ethnography of Body, gender and Performance in the world of Japanese Pop Culture in Belém do Pará.

Author: Anjan Ramos

Doctoral Committee:

Antonio Mauricio Costa-External Examiner

Fabiano de Souza George-Internal Examiner

Cristina Donza Cancels-Alternate Examiner

Ernani Pine Keys – Advisor, and president

Location/Date: 02 room PPGA, 26 November 2015, 3:00 pm.

Defense of doctoral thesis

Title: Of dreams at Oguatá Guassú in search of the Land (s) (s) Free of Evil

Author: Almires Ax Malik

Review Board:

Prof. Dr. Eremites-PPGA/UFPEL, external examiner

Prof. Dr. Mauro Cezar Coelho-PPHIST/UFPA, external examiner

Prof. Dr. Márcio Henrique Couto – PPHIST/UFPA, external examiner

Profª. Dr. Cristina Donza Cancels-PPGA/UFPA, internal examiner

Profª. Dr. Denise Pahl Schaan-PPGA/UFPA, internal examiner alternate

Profª. Dr. Rosa Elizabeth Acevedo Marin PPGA/UFPA, internal examiner alternate

Profª. Dr. Jane Felipe Beltran-PPGA/UFPA, counselor and President

Location/Date: Office of the Congregation of the IFCH, 20 November 2015, 3:00 pm.