The Graduate Program in Anthropology publishes the Dissertation Defense of the student Alarcidio Figueiredo Narciso entitled The Feast of Pajé: shamanismo e ritual Galibi-Marworno, which will take place on December 12, 2022 at 9 am in a virtual environment of the PPGA/IFCH.

The Examining Board will be composed of Professors:

Ugo Maia Andrade - PPGA/UFS – external examiner

Beatriz de Almeida Matos – PPGA/UFPA - internal examiner

Nayara da Silva Camargo – PPGA/UFPA - alternate internal examiner

Marcela Coelho de Souza - PPGA/UnB – alternate external examiner

Júlia Otero dos Santos – PPGA/UFPA – advisor and president