The Postgraduate Program in Anthropology publishes the Dissertation Defense of the student Adriana Batista Cecim da Silva entitled “Before there was fish and there were none of these things, now there are these things and there are no fish”: considerations on artisanal fishing activity in Vila dos Pescadores, Bragança - Pará, which will take place on September 30, 2022 at 9 am in a virtual environment of the PPGA / IFCH.

The Examining Board will be composed of the Professors/Doctors:

Francisca de Souza Miller - UFRN – external examiner

Voyner Ravena Cañete - PPGSA/UFPA - external examiner

Flávio Bezerra Barros - PPGA/UFPA - internal examiner

Katiane Silva – PPGA/UFPA - alternate internal examiner

Edna Ferreira Alencar – PPGA/UFPA – advisor and president