Title: Cosplayers, Otakus and Lolitas: Ethnography of Body, gender and Performance in the world of Japanese Pop Culture in Belém do Pará.

Author: Anjan Ramos

Doctoral Committee:

Antonio Mauricio Costa-External Examiner

Fabiano de Souza George-Internal Examiner

Cristina Donza Cancels-Alternate Examiner

Ernani Pine Keys – Advisor, and president

Location/Date: 02 room PPGA, 26 November 2015, 3:00 pm.


The aim of this work was to make an ethnographic research conjecture and the essay about young women who are part of existing groups to Japanese pop culture, otakus, cosplayers, and Lolitas, existing in the city of Belém do Pará. This is a survey of young people who attend the events held in the same city. The work was done not only with girls who attend but also with users of cosplays, beyond those that contribute to administrative way for the realization of events. And had as its aim to analyze relations of gender, sexuality, body, and performance from the perspective of a micro-urban society.