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It Is A Great Pleasure To Present The First Number Of Our Magazine "Caderno 4 Campos"  in 2019, available by the link: 

This number is already one of the first to receive the note 10 years of the Graduate Program in Anthropology of the Federal University of Pará. In fact, the PPGA, which was not canceled by the previous year, by CAPES evaluation, its first session in 2019. In these years, in 2018, 27 doctors and 57 masters in anthropology, in its 4 fields; And the presence of its graduates can be noticed in many Brazilian universities and other research institutions all over Brazil, from the extreme south to the northern borders in Amapá. The PPGA is still one in the Amazon and in Brazil and has 10 years of success in its bases in the construction of the anthropological in our days.


For those of us who have edited Caderno 4 Campos, this number is also our commitment to the periodicity of this scientific publication, which expands a lot, always with the support of our fellow students and our teacher mentors. The last and last text for the PPGA and therefore, commemorative par excellence. "That's how it's been 10 years!", Is a presentation of the first Anthropology in Focus, written by teachers Jane Beltrão and Denise Schaan and by Professor Hilton Pereira - founders of PPGA.

Then there is a series of highly praised texts by all those who have already been referred to as PPGA methodology, "Research Project: As a Successful Proposal, Step by Step", which was written by Professor Denise Schaan but now arrives in a revised version by the author. In the PPGA memory station, we have the testimony of Dr. Manuela do Corral Vieira, assistant professor of FACON-UFPA, the first doctor to be graduated by the PPGA. Then the wonderful text of the teacher Dr. Katiane Silva, deputy professor in the PPGA, who tells us, in the first part, how she gave her training as an anthropologist.

Here are the 3 notes and research notes: Laura Vieira, our researches on the Verve-o-Peso grass and herbarium sector and have us a little of their work there. Then we have a research note from Laura Gironsa, who just defended her dissertation, in a singular work with indigenous people in the Colombian Amazon. Then Tallyta Silva with her reflections on "Times and Lives: archeology and occupations in the eastern range of Carajás, Amazônia", is part of her research.

We conclude the edition with 2 exquisite photographic essays. First Ramiro Batista, Luís dos Santos, and Saulo Carneiro were presented in the version "The sign: multiethnic images and representations of the great snake among the peoples of the lower Oiapoque." Closing is editing Professor Fabiano Gontijo, who takes us to the middle of the "Ukrainian Revolution of 2014".

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Editorial Committee of Caderno 4 Campos