The Postgraduate Program in Anthropology, invite everyone to João Aires Ataíde da Fonseca Júnior's defense thesis, entitled "Predictive Models and canceling the archeological arrangements: methods and uses in the Amazon", which will happen on March 1, 2019 at 9 am, in the Auditorium of the PPGA / UFPA.


The Examining Bank will be made by the Professors Doctors:

Marcos Pereira Magalhães - MPEG, external examiner

Ricardo Bruno Nascimento dos Santos - UFPA, external examiner

Hilton Pereira da Silva - PPGA / UFPA, internal examiner

Tiago Pedro Ferreira Tomé - PPGA / UFPA, internal examiner

Renato Kipnis - alternate external examiner

Pedro José Tótora da Glória - PPGA / UFPA, substitute internal examiner

Diogo Menezes Costa - PPGA / UFPA, advisor and president